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We are the interior arm of the Samruddhi group which is designed to give advantage and convenience to our client. For us our customer comes first.

For us, the interior is the natural projection of the soul. It exudes certain energy, warmth, and a harmony of spirit. The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them. The essence of interior design is all about people and how they live and love. Your home tells the story of which you are, and the collection of what you Love.

We know Interior decoration partly thrives on being social and that’s why when we are building a room, we believe we are building a character. The key, of course, is getting the personality of both houses and those living in it right we do not look just with our eyes but with our heart, we make sure the objects in the homes we design communicate with one another, respond and balance one another. The design should never say, “Look at me!” A language of design softly spoken, understood universally

Our mantra is there never has been a house so bad that it couldn’t be made over into something worthwhile. Harmony is what we constantly strive for.

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